VoIP Telephony & IP PBX

“e-Comm designs, installs and manages leading edge VoIP telephony systems customized to meet the varied needs and budgets of full and limited service hotels. Take a look at what we can do for you.”


e-Communications& Networking brings you state-of-the-art hotel voice communication solutions that take guest phone and related services to the next level. We offer advanced VoIP and IP PBX solutions to transform the way hotels provide telephone and communication amenities.

‘Calls’ for Improvement

Our advanced VoIP and IP PBX solutions are a great way to improve your establishment’s communication system without the huge expenses you often find with traditional phone service. We make the most of your existing phone lines by finding a way to improve the systems, rather than replacing it entirely, and upgrade your phones the need for replacement, so you save up front and save on the monthly bills.

With our top-notch solutions, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments gain new VoIP functionality, experience a significant drop in their monthly phone bills, and can attract customers by offering a consistently high quality experience. Having unlimited local and long distance call services is often a great way to bring in business travelers.

We understand convenience is an important part of any hospitality business. Our systems allow for advanced VoIP and IP PBX services that are easier to manage and far more cost-effective than a traditional hotel PBX. Our aim is to get you connected to our network so you can improve guest room phone services without too much hassle.

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Screenshot of E-Comm's IP-PBX interface

Screenshot of E-Comm’s IP-PBX interface