Guest Television System

With the new DirecTV Residential Experience (DRE) system from DirecTV, your guests will now have the convenience of on screen menus, and 100+ channels, just like home.  And the best part, the DRE currently COSTS LESS than the standard way of delivering TV.
 Click above to see the DRE in action!

Give your guests the best TV watching experience with the help of e-Communications & Networking. We offer advanced guest television solutions that easily improve your guests’ stay. With our services and equipment, hotels and resorts in the hospitality industry no longer have to worry about guests being dissatisfied with a less-than-ideal TV viewing experience.

Entertainment Just Like Home

Hotel guests nowadays expect the same entertainment experience in a hotel as they do in their homes. This means you have to offer the latest equipment, such as flat-screen televisions, along with an impressive selection of channels, and we can help.

Our guest television services and equipment brings the at-home TV viewing experience right to your hotel room. Guests get to enjoy quality entertainment in the comfort of their rooms. Using the latest technology and products, your clients get the best price and the best customer experience possible.

A Partner for the Hospitality Industry

We understand that in the hospitality business you need to stay ahead of the competition by providing quality features and amenities that will attract guests to stay at your establishment. We make sure to provide you with latest solutions that truly make your business a standout so it draws clients and keeps you on the cutting edge.

We are the ideal partner for hotels, motels, resorts, and other related establishments who need guest television and communication systems. With the DirecTV Residential Experience that we offer, your guests get the ultimate in-room TV experience they deserve.

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