What we do

The first question that many people ask is, ‘so what is it that you do?  And why should our hotel work with you?’


Great question.  The simple answer is that we are a full service technology provider for the hospitality industry. 


The longer answer is outlined below.  Although this is not a complete list, it gives a good idea of the main services we offer.



 1.    Site Survey and Network Engineering –   We have a full staff of certified network engineers and installers. When you need someone to come in and ‘fill those wireless holes’, or build out a new network, our staff will come onsite and give you a full breakdown of your property, and the recommended list of items to use to cover your property perfectly.



Sample Splash Page

Sample Splash Page

2.    Splash Page & Captive Portal programming –  If you have a public wifi network, you WANT to have at minimum a branded splash page. This is the first webpage your customers will see when they connect, and will force them to accept certain terms and conditions before browsing. This protects your liability in case a guest decides to download illegal content.

Call Center 3.    24x7x365 Guest Support – Most major brands now require each hotel to have a full time support team that is available to help guests get online. If you have a guest that is trying to get online at 2AM, and is not successful, who do they call? Our technical staff is trained in all major operating systems to make sure your guests experience a quick and easy solution when they are trying to get online.