Support Center

Support Center
The e-Comm support center is staffed by full time network professionals.  Each tech has at least 3+ years of network troubleshooting and call center experience, and is trained/certified to support the equipment installed.

Your guest is your #1 asset, and we understand that.  You can be assured that when your guest calls our support center, they will be treated with the utmost respect, and be given the type of support you would offer to a guest standing at your front desk.
Support Center

Support Center

Over the past 10 years, the call center industry has changed dramatically.  While nearly all of our competitors outsource to a third party call center, we maintain our own staff for all support levels, and NEVER read off of a script.
Here is as short list of some differences between our support center and many of our competitors:

  • No annoying call trees, you ALWAYS get a live person
  • US based call center
  • Fully trained and certified support staff
  • Only experienced techs are hired, no script readers are used
  • Trained to handle all levels of service requests
  • No need to ‘escalate’ your problem and wait for return call
Screenshot of E-Comm's IP-PBX interface

Screenshot of E-Comm’s IP-PBX interface

If your current provider doesn’t give you the same level of service, then you need to upgrade, and experience the e-Comm difference. Don’t let your #1 asset, your customer, be serviced by the lowest bidder. ePortal Bandwidth