About Us

e-Communications & Networking was founded in 2001 with one simple goal, to offer hotel owners and managers a cost effective alternative to the extremely expensive competition that seemed to only focus on large hotels and resorts.  During the past 12 years, the goal has become a reality as Wifi is widely considered the #1 guest amenity for all hotel guests, and is found in even the smallest, independent hotels.

While the competition was struggling to keep up with market trends and maintain their customers, e-Comm has continued to grow and add properties to our portfolio as we have proven over and again that cost effective guest support and high quality networks are possible by staying current with the newest technologies, and not getting stuck in technology ruts. In fact, most people have used our services without ever realizing it. If you have used the wifi at any McDonalds, or rented a DVD from Redbox, then you already know what we are capable of, and have used our service without realizing.

Now, more than ever, it pays to work with e-Comm. With the recent downturn in the economy, and the struggles that all hospitality owners have experienced, owners are looking for every way to stretch their dollar, and make sure they maximize every service they offer. Now, you have one vendor you can use for all of your technology needs to take advantage of multiple discounts, and converged technologies.

So whether you are looking for internet, television, phones or
HVAC and lighting controls, e-Comm is a partner you can rely on, and profit with.

Let us help you Connect….Entertain….Communicate…..Control