The Com1000 is a system that allows you to pick and choose the channels you want.  The system also gives you the ability to place the channels in the lineup that organizes the channels to work for you.  Your customers will enjoy the best HD programming all within a centralized system.

  • On screen channel guide with hotel branded logo
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Professional installation
  • Hospitality grade equipment
  • Pick from over 130 channels
  • True 24/7 Customer Support.  (Ask for a test number.)


Requirements for this system to be installed?

  • Call today to see if your property meets the requirements!!! 1800-697-1488
Centralized system ( no equipment in the room)

Can run on looped through wiring.

Can run on RG59





This product was designed for the hotel that was built with loop through cabling, and far cable runs. This system is for the owner that wishes to deliver a good selection of top TV channels with a built proof commercial grade system that can stay behind locked doors.

When looking into the different options, it is in your best interest to contact e-Communication & Networking to help you in this process.


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