DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE)

-DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE)-


Our NEW DRE System will change the way your guest watch TV.  With a fully interactive guide that allows the guest to scroll through the channels and see what is playing before turning to the channel.  This system will take your suites and turn them into your guest’s living rooms.

  • On screen interactive guide with hotel branded logo
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Professional installation
  • Hospitality grade equipment
  • Over 130 channels
  • True 24/7 Customer Support.  (Ask for a test number.)


Requirements for this system to be installed?

  • Call today to see if your property meets the requirements!!! 1800-697-1488
Fully interactive guide

Receive all channels in your package

Lower equipment cost for # of channels received

Germ free remote

Pro Idiom NOT required

20million customers already know this system




This product was designed for the hotel that was built with a home run cabling system. This product is for the owner that wants there hotel to be on the cutting edge of technology while offering a system that operates just like their home dose with a larger selection of HD channels.

When looking into the different options, it is in your best interest to contact

e-Communication & Networking.

(Your TV and Wi-Fi experts)